Emerging Real Estate Trends - Gen Y They want it all!


"Return to Cities" Trend

The high price of buying in the city is a small sacrifice for a slice of the action, or so believes the young guns who want the live/work/play lifestyle right on their doorstep. That is according to a new report by PWC which highlights the recent “return to cities’ trend. John Bunting, the report’s author, says this generation is increasingly choosing in-town living and high-rise apartments or townhouses over suburban subdivisions, house-and-yard lifestyles.

It’s a trend that is “reaching every part of the country” and not just the traditional business districts, such as Toronto and Vancouver. For example, Winnipeg’s downtown core is enjoying a revival thanks to the high demand for condo dwellings. “We are seeing a lot more buyers choose the condo market over the single-family home. There is a great vibe downtown core and that adds to its incentive,” says Peter Squire, director of Public Affairs at WinnipegRealtors.

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